Land Development & Acquisition

Provost & Rovero, Inc. offers a full range of services in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Our professional
staff are licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


At Provost & Rovero, Inc., we understand the potential risks and complications that come with any land development project.  Our clients take advantage of our knowledge and experience in the design and permitting of commercial, industrial and residential land development projects to help minimize their risk and make informed decisions during the acquisition phase of projects.  Our ability to utilize GIS data and other available sources of information means we can provide answers in an economical and timely manner.

Village in the Woods Subdivision
Village in the Woods Subdivision

Our acquisition consulting services include:

  • Development feasibility studies.

  • Yield plans.

  • Construction cost estimating.

  • Regulatory and permitting applicability reviews.

  • Historical property research.

  • Field review of environmental conditions.