Provost & Rovero, Inc. offers a full range of services in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Our professional
staff are licensed in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


The history of land surveying at Provost & Rovero, Inc. spans nearly 50 years and began with the work of Albert Fitzback prior to Provost & Rovero, Inc. acquiring Albert Fitzback’s firm.  Since that time, we have continued the tradition of providing high quality professional services to a variety of private and public clients.

Strategic Commercial Realty Dam
Strategic Commercial Realty Dam

Surveying services available at Provost & Rovero, Inc. include:

  • Property boundary surveys.

  • Topographic surveys.

  • Excavation volume computations.

  • ALTA surveys.

  • Construction staking.

  • Subdivision design.

  • Flood elevation certificates and letters of map amendment.

  • GIS Services